CyberGoth in New York. Evolution Division fashion invades Cybertron.

By Deanna | February 3, 2015

Over the weekend we took a trip from Detroit, out of town to party with Vampire Freaks at there latest Cybertron Event with Velvet Acid Christ! This was a little CyberGoth vacation for us and we partied hard and Raved Harder! We took 4 of our Evolution Division Models with us and packed up and hit the road. None of the Evolution Division crew had been to New York and not only did we party but we shopped! Everything from goth & rave clothing stores to comic book stores, awesome restaurants and just so much cool stuff. Below is a small selection of pics more to come!

Our Fur Hoodies kept us warm on the cold cold streets of Manhattan. It’s the #1 fur coat of rave girls everywhere.
fur hoodies

We went shopping at a lot of amazing stores. Goth and rave clothing from a couple of New York’s finest stores. This store “Gothic Renascence” in Manhattan was very bad ass and featured goth clothing along with a black light cybergoth room in the back. We of course talked to some of the stores about carrying Evolution Division… more on that later but things are in the works.
goth shopping

We were very excited to have Jet from Vampire Freaks show us around town. We would have been lost without him! Such a fun day! also announcement about Evolution Division & VF coming soon.

Getting ready for cybertron. Whats a CyberGoth girl to wear? <3 cybergoth clothing

Waiting in the cold line into the club.. The Fluff will keep us warm!

Vampire Freaks presents Cybertron was of course a sweet event! Very Cyber! Velvet Acid Christ Kicked some major ass and we hit the dance floor hard! this was an amazing time we had and we look forward to doing it again!! Long live Cybertron! We love you New York <3 dancing at cybertron

We do have more pics from this event on the way. were going to do a gif post of the girls shaking there fluffies and rave gear hard on the dance floor so stay tuned, should be up later in the week.
dancing rave girls