CyberGoth in Canada. Evolution Division in Toronto.

By Steven Razorblade | December 11, 2015

We had another amazing time visiting our CyberGoth friends in Canada! Toronto’s Dirty Cupcakes CyberGoth night at club Nocturne is always a good time and we highly recommend checking it out. Throughout the night we partied hard, danced hard and took some pictures. Dirty Cupcakes let us use the back room to do giveaways and pass out delicious cupcakes. Visiting their events is always a treat and we will be back soon so make sure you stay up to date with our upcoming out of town events.

Speaking of events, we have 2 local events coming up next week. The first is a fashion show at Smalls in Detroit on Dec 18th

and then Dark Noel at Necto in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Come out and join us!