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CyberGoth Fashion Police [Update]

By Steven Razorblade | April 30, 2015

CyberGoth Fashion police. FREEZE!

Hands in the air! The CyberGoth Fashion Police are kicking in the door. This gallery is all about little girls with big cyber guns and high end Cyber Gothic Fashion. These girls are fully loaded, armed to the t and enhanced with the latest grade weapons and cyber apparel. Ready to go to war, locked and loaded, better duck the fuck down!


Because of our 2015 website update our previous photo galleries need to be updated to work properly on our new blog. Updated galleries include new pictures so even if you have seen it when it was originally released theres plenty of new cybergoth sexiness for your eyes.


Models: Shanelle & Panda
Photos: Emanuel Ioan Neculai
Outfits: Apocalypse Shrug PVC Tank Top Flap Skirt & CyberGoth Fluffies