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CyberGoth Defenders of the Galaxy [gallery update]

By Steven Razorblade | March 19, 2015

Some very cyber fashion and space guns!!! These two CyberGoth assassins roam the galaxy in search of treasure and trouble. With bounties on there heads, these cyber girls use there stealth, charm and combat skills to get by. Oh and there space guns, they defiantly use there space guns to get by. Join these two on an adventure through the galaxy and find treasures in the best cyber clothing the universe has to offer.

[ Because of a recent update to our web site’s design, most of our old gallery pages no longer look or function properly. We will be updating all old galleries to the new look and adding new previously unreleased pictures. Check back next Thursday for another updated Evolution Division CyberGoth fashion Throw Back Thursday #TBT gallery post. ]

Photo Shoot: CyberGoth Defenders of the Galaxy. – Photographer: Imago Fotografía

Models: Nat & Yaz

The Items in this shoot are: Our Apocalypse Shrug, PVC Tank Top, Flap Skirt, Long Sleeve Crop Top and Paneled Mini Skirt also part of our Industrialist outfit.