CyberGoth Christmas Party Picks

By Deanna | December 26, 2014

We hope you all had an amazingly cyber Xmas <3 Maybe you even got some Evolution Division Cybergoth / Rave clothing stuffed under your tree. We wanted to share some pictures and a video of the Evolution Division Cyber Club having fun at the Necto Dark Noel party & show off some sexy Cyber Fashion in the process. Firstly we want to note that if you are in or around the Ann Arbor Michigan area then you should be heading down to Club Necto on Mondays nights for there Factory Goth Night. Necto is a great place to show off your Cybergoth side and Dance Hard! We thank Necto for there continued awesomeness with factory goth night. get more info about them and see what upcoming events they have here:

Aslo we want to thank the cute santa girl in all the pics, Vivid Vivka, AKA Vivid Suicide. She was such an amazing girl and were glad she was so awesome <3 More about Vivid Vivka here:

Check out our party pics and video below Some of the items in the shoot are our Fur Shrug, Paneled Booty Shorts, Solid Fur Hoodie and Apocalypse Exile outfit.