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CyberGoth Beach Rave

By Steven Razorblade | May 4, 2015

Goth Girls on the beach

In this photo shoot, we finally answer an age old question: Can Goth girls survive a full day in direct sunlight? The answer is yes, and we also got an amazing amount of pictures out of it! So many, in fact, that we’re going to split this gallery into at least two posts, possibly 3. For now, let’s get into the first!

CyberGoth Rave Clothing

This photo shoot was in support of our 2015 summer cyber rave clothing line. While we’re not yet showing all new items, this shoot features many of the new items along with our updated / redesigned items. The main item is our re-designed CyberGoth PVC Bra. This item has been completely re-designed from the ground up and has a better overall design and fit than our previous version. The new version of this PVC Bra is available now, and it’s the perfect piece for your next cybergoth / rave event!

Fusion Rave Clothing

In the past, we’ve had our Under City line, Apocalypse line and our briefly lived Exile clothing line. Our 2015 line is going to be called the Fusion line. This name was chosen because all of the pieces go together. Any combination of the Fusion collection is going to look great when worn with another. It is by far our most cohesive clothing collection to date, and I can’t wait until you are able to see the full line all at once! In this particular shoot, we’d like to highlight our new Fusion Shrug, Tank Top and Fusion Shorts. These items will be available in our store by the end of the week, so check back soon!

Rave Fluffies and Garters

Another new accessory that is not directly part of the Fusion Collection, (but still fits with most of the items in it) is our new 100% PVC Vinyl Garters. This has been a highly requested item that we are very proud to finally be bringing to the market. These PVC Garters will be available by the end of the week as well, and starting today all of our Rave Fluffies will now be garter compatible. The garters hook to small tabs on the inside of the elastic top. Any fluffies made before now will not have this feature. If you want to use our PVC Vinyl Garters with your current fluffies, you can send them back for a free upgrade. You’re only required to pay the shipping back to us, we’ll update them and ship them back to you for free. Please contact us if you’re interested in upgrading your fluffies. Thats it on updates for now, enjoy the gallery!