Cyber Valentines Sale Flyer: Cyber Rave Outfits

By Deanna | February 11, 2015

Here’s the Official Flyer for our Cyber Valentines Sale. Make a cyber sexy rave outfit from our six sale items including our Fur Rave skirt, Pvc Vinyl tank top and flap skirt (also available in non vinyl fabric version) our new CyberGoth Choker Collar and our 2 most popular tops that every rave girl needs in there closet, our Sleeveless Fur Shrug and Hooded Crop Top. This sale lasts through to February 15th but don’t delay, get your orders in and rave hard at your next festival or event. All sale items have been added to the “Cyber Valentines Carrousel slider” on the home page for easy access. Also don’t forget our newly designed web site now has a social network shareable wish list so let your friends know what you want!

<3 Happy Cyber Valentines to all!! Our Valentines Cybergoth Nurse Shoot will be up soon so stay tuned! rave clothing valentines sale

cyber goth nurse sale