Cyber Summer Sale phase 2. Rave outfits & accessories.

By Steven Razorblade | July 1, 2015

Cyber Rave Summer Sale starts today!

If you missed phase 1 don’t miss out on phase 2! 6 items perfect for any summer rave

Phase 2 of our summer sale starts today! We put 6 items that are perfect for any summer rave festival on sale for 20% off! Speaking of perrrrrfect check out our all new cat ears and tails, or if your a bunny girl, we have those ears to 🙂 tie the outfit together with a PVC vinyl bikini also on sale and your ready for any rave night.

Start shopping now at All Summer Sale items are conveniently located on the first item slider on the home page.

Or click the links to go directly to the item:
Rave girl bunny ears / Cyber cat ears / Rave cat tail / PVC Vinyl bra / PVC vinyl booty shorts / CyberGoth Choker collar