Cyber Goth / Rave Skirts are back online with more to come.

By Steven Razorblade | Comments: 0 | January 25, 2016

Over the past few month, a lot of our items have been offline. We have been saying that they will be coming back soon and today is the beginning of the product updates. We needed to take the majority of our items down because needed time to organize and refine our product line. We needed to look at each item and focus on how we can make it better and upgrade it for the 2016 fashion season. Some of our items we needed to cut from our product line as well. Two of our rave skirts that required the least amount of changes are live today, (Our Fur Rave Skirt and our CyberGoth Pleated Skirt) and 2 more skirts will be back online very soon with a new look. Our PVC Striped Skirt has had a major fabric redesign and will now be a 100% PVC Cyber Skirt. It still has the same look and feel but has been re designed and is now made of 100% PVC Vinyl. This Cyber Rave Skirt will be back online shortly, we just need to do a photoshoot for it. The second skirt on the way is a complete makeover of our previous Apocalypse Flap Skirt. This new rave skirt will slightly resemble our previous design bit its already looking much different and were very please to note that this will be our first UV Reactive skirt and we can’t wait to show you. Look for this new design coming early next month. We’re excited to start bringing some of our previous items back now that we have had time to focus and enhance them in different areas. We have added the “skirts” section back in the navigation and hope to start bringing back some of our tops soon as well.

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