Cyber GoGo outfit on sale and an important update to our Rave Skirt pricing.

By Steven Razorblade | March 30, 2015

Rave Skirt Pricing Update

When we first launched out PVC Striped Skirt we offered 2 versions, The Mini and the Micro Mini skirt variant. The normal mini has an extra one inch PVC stripe on the bottom of it and was available at no extra cost. This rave skirt, wile it is one of our favorite creations because it fits so well both Rave, CyberGoth, GoGo and Industrial fashion styles so well was made at a close margin of time and profit. Because of the overall design and the time it takes to make this skirt we are going too be adding 2 different pricing tiers to this item. Currently this skirt has become one of our most popular skirts because of it’s versatility. Starting next week the Micro Mini design pricing will be unchanged, however the 1 inch stripe on the bottom will be a $9.99 extra charge.

We’re giving you an extra week before this skirt price change goes into effect and even then we will still have sales on it so you will still be able to grab it for a bargain if you keep your eye on it. Speaking of bargains, we made our Weekly Outfit Sale the Cyber GoGo outfit featuring our PVC Striped skirt Festival Season has begun and if your looking for an amazing rave outfit then the Cyber GoGo outfit could be right for you or check out our other many Rave Outfits or one of a kind Cyber Rave Fluffies.

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