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Text message: (586) 353-8022
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Here are some FAQ’s for common questions.

Because all of our items are hand made we can only provide returns if an item was not made correctly due to our error. If an item is shipped to you damaged or made in-correctly we will pay shipping and fix or send you a replacement. If you ordered an item in an incorrect size or gave us incorrect custom measurements, we may still be able to fix / alter sizing of the item for you but you will need to pay for shipping costs. Please double check our sizing page to make sure you order your items in the correct size. Unfortunately we can not take returns or switch out items that you want in different colors. We try hard to satisfy our customers. If you have a problem with an order you have received please contact us so we can correct the problem.

Questions about sizing ——
Q. Do you have a sizing chart for your items?
A. Yes a sizing chart can be found here. Also remember that all items are made to order so we can get your measurements and do custom fits on any item. (custom fits have NO extra charges)

Questions about shipping —-

Q. Because your items are all hand made, how long will it take to receive my item?
A. Even though everything is hand made were still pretty quick. Most orders are made and shipped within 4-10 days. Bigger orders like a full outfit may take 7-14 days until they are ready to ship.

Q. The shipping price on my order seems higher than it should be. Can I get my shipping cost adjusted?
A. Yes, sometimes our shipping calculator is off when you have 3 or more items in your cart. It may estimate a very high shipping cost. If this happens to you please contact us with the items you want and your address and we will adjust it properly for you. -sorry for the inconvenience.

Q. Do you ship worldwide?
A. Yes we use USPS to ship worldwide. NOTE: sometimes prices for international shipping are very high. If your shipping amount looks unrealistic please contact us, it may be wrong and we will fix it.

Q. Can I add ears to an item or alter the way an item looks?
A. Sorry but we only customize colors not style.

Questions about wholesale —-

Q. I have a small boutique or store and would like to stock your products. Do you do wholesale orders?
A. Yes we have certain items that we are able to sell as wholesale orders. Please contact us for wholesale information.


Evolution Division is a fashion company started in 2010 that has a unique blend of Rave Wear, CyberGoth, Industrial, Kawaii and Club Wear style.

Evolution Division is located in Detroit MI, USA . What can we say we love Detroit. It is the perfect evnviorment for Evolution Division. Detroit is a post apocalyptic city of abandoned industrial factories, and it’s the birth place of techno music! Our city is definiately part of our style!

Evolution Division is only available to order online. We do not have a store front. However we will be setting up our booth at more clubs, music festivals and events in 2017 so keep an eye out. We hope to see you soon!

Again thank you all for your constant support and evolved fashion scence.