*EXTENDED* Black Friday Winter Wonderland Sale

By Steven Razorblade | Comments: 0 | November 24, 2016

This sale has ended but our holiday sales will continue! Make sure to follow us on our social networks and sign up to our email newsletter to stay up to date with all of our news and sales.


This Sale Has Been Extended Through Cyber Monday!

This Black Friday You can get up to 3 free items added to your order! All orders under $30 will get a free Rave Mask.

All orders over $30 will get to chose 1 FREE item.

All orders over $65 will get to chose 2 FREE items.

All orders over $95 will get to chose 3 FREE items.

You will be able to chose from the 4 following items:

Cyber Rave Mask, Cyber Arm Fluffies, Rave Cat Ears or a Cyber UV Wallet (with updated Circuitry design)

black Friday 2016 rave outfit sale cybergoth

How to let us know what free items you want

All orders placed on Friday Novermer 25th 2016 (3 hour Time Zone grace period for US orders & 12 hour grace period for International orders) Will receive an email the following day asking what free items they would like to receive and for color and size information. Just reply to that email with your choices and they will be automatically added to your order. 

Rave Masks are now available in white.


Rave Wallets have been upgraded with a new circuitry design img_6240-2

If you have any questions about our black friday sale please feel free to contact us.

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