Behind the scenes gif’s.

By Deanna | January 21, 2015

So with the web site down for re-design, it’s been a bit sense we’ve posted anything. To get the blog back in the swing of regular gallery and pic updates heres some gif’s from our Christmas CyberGoth Rave girls partying post. Were going to try to do a monthly post of the girls at the club just having fun and dancing, showing off our cyber fashion at the club, with plenty of pictures and video. here were some gifs we made from the behind the scenes footage. Some of these already made there what to our tumblr account but because of the lack of gif support on most social networks… Here they are! <3 Our next party night is going to be Jan 31st in New York @ Vampire Freak's Cybertron event! If your in NY come party with us!! see the previous Blog Post for more info <3

Stay tuned for regular blog posts!!! <3 <3