Back To Basics.

By Steven Razorblade | December 8, 2015

Back to basics

Evolution Division is going back to basics for a bit. In order for us to continue to improve on our designs, we have decided to take all but the basic items down for a bit. We want to go through these items individually and focus on quality, pricing and shipping times before making them available to you again. Scaling back our selection will help to better focus on each product individually before relaunching it. Most of our items will be coming back with new updated designs and higher quality fabrics. Within the next month we will be releasing some amazing new items while simultaneously revamping our currently offline product line. We have a lot of really big things planned for 2016 and can’t wait to show you. If you had your eye on one of our items that is currently taken down please be patient, we will be posting items back up as soon as we can.

Shipping times

The single biggest thing that going back to basics will do is allow for faster and more accurate shipping times. We are a small rave clothing fashion company and all items are hand made. We work hard to get everything made and shipped within a 10 – 17 day shipping window but when holidays or the beginning of the seasons hit we often get backed up on orders. We will be working hard focusing on ways to make items faster and ways to have more accurate shipping times. We will now have a shipping date estimate displayed on the homepage and the products page displaying more accurate shipping timeframes. Depending on how busy we are at any given time our site will display one of the following: normal shipping times of 5-10 days, higher than usual shipping times of 11 – 17 days and high shipping times of 17 – 30 days. The shipping time displayed will fluctuate and get updated on a daily basis, but your item will be shipped with whatever timeframe it was when you placed the order.

We are making many new changes at Evolution Division and have some highly requested new items ready to be released soon. Make sure you sign up to our email newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook for the latest updates.