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Back online but big changes. Please read.

By Steven Razorblade | August 11, 2018

Ok.. We’re back, We’re back, We’re back…. The site is back online but things are going to be different. Items are taking way to long to get out and we’re just to small of a crew right now to be like we were in the past. We are in the process of transitioning into only having stock items on the site and doing a pre-order season every season. The way this will work is that 2 weeks before a season, (fall, winter, summer & spring) we will be posing limited items that are available for that season for pre-order. If you want something specific in your size and color you will have 2 weeks to pre order it. If you do not pre-order for the season we will be making extra of those items for stock but quantities will be limited. Pre-ordering will be the only way to garenttee your colors and sizes. Doing it this way is the only way for us to continue it will allow us to focus on one big order and get it done a lot faster. Making 20 PVC Tank tops all at once and then moving on to 20 fur skirts is easier that making them one at a time as orders come in, jumping around from order to order. If you do not pre-order and you absolutely need one of our items you will still be able to get them at a 35-60% price increase. If you missed pre order but the item you want is still in season it will be a 35% price increase. If you want an item that is not in season it will be a 40-60% price increase depending on the item and a 30 day creation period before your item ships. Stock and item increases will be happening very soon
A lot of our items are about to go from available to out of stock while we transition over. We will be posting our first season pre order date for the fall soon. Once that happens everything else will go into effect.