Alice in Winter Wonderland and other upcoming Detroit Raves.

By Steven Razorblade | November 21, 2016

Rave in Detroit at the upcoming Alice in Winter Wonderland Rave! We’ll be there and you should to! Fall down the rabbit hole with us at this sure to be amazing Detroit Rave. The date for this event is Saturday Dec 3rd and you will need to cal the hotline number the day of the show to get the address for this event. Along with this Alice in Wonderland themed rave, we have decided to release our own version of an Alice in Wonderland rave outfit! Yes, now you to can follow the white rabbit to any rave, music festival, CyberGoth or Cyber Rave event. This white and electric blue 4 piece outfit comes with our PVC Tank Top, PVC Pleated Skirt, Single Striped Fluffies and Cyber Arm Fluffies. *This outfit will be posted by the end of the day.  Below are just a few pictures, a full Cyber Rave Fashion Look Book will be coming soon.

alice in wonderland rave outfit

Rave In Detroit

Our hometown of Detroit (birthplace of Techno music) is home to many great rave events throughout the year. Along with the upcoming Alice in Winter Wonderland we will also be raving hard at Hardcore 313‘s upcoming  Do you hear what I hear Rave on Dec 16th in Detroit. Not only will we be there but there are some new items that we are getting very close to announcing. These new rave accessories will be available at our table at both these events along with some of our other popular items, so come rave all night long, grab some new rave gear, hang out with our Evolution Division rave girls, and repeat all rave winter long!

alice in wonderland rave

Detroit Area Rave / Event Shoutouts

If we’re doing a post about where to Rave in the Detroit area, then we have to give a shout out to the following events:

Factory at Necto (Every Monday Night. Industrial & CyberGoth)

Night Sneak Events (EDM / Dance / Rave)

Mechanize Events (Industrial Music / CyberGoth)

Detroit is a great city to rave in and all the events and promotion companies on this page are ones to keep an eye on if you want to party hard all night in the D. If you need an outfit for any of these rave events has you covered! <3

alice in wonderland rave costume