Adora BatBrat Cur Coat is Now Available!

By Steven Razorblade | March 22, 2016

We had contacted Adora BatBrat because we have been big fans of hers for a long time now, I mean how could you not be… She just rocks! So we contacted her and showed her pictures of our fur hoodies and showed her the Triplesix Limited edition and kept our fingers crossed that she would like the idea. When she got back with us we were overjoyed to have the Queen of the Goths onboard with the idea. We started going back and forth with ideas. We told her to do whatever she wanted and as long as it fit within the same basic pattern we would make it work. Adora wanted it all black with lots of bling and bows she also came up with the concept of having a big heart on the back and a poof ball on the hood. Adora really made this hoodie her own and I don’t think it could have come out any better. It is a true masterpiece and we are very happy to have it as part of our fur coat collection. This coat is limited edition because it may not be around forever like or normal solid fur hoodies or we may update it and change some things around if Adora wants to update it in the future or we may just do a whole new design with the BatBrat next season so you never know how long it will be available. However because this coat was introduced in the spring this version will be available throughout the 2016 winter season.

So here it is we are proud to announce the Adora BatBrat + Evolution Division Fur Coat. Co-Designed by the queen of the Goths herself and now available! It features a large fur heart on the back of the hoodie, a puff ball on the hood, 9 blingy bling bling’s around the hood, a bow with heart bling on each hand and a special heart shaped patch on the inside. This coat like our other Fur Hoodies is made from high-quality Faux Fur with a soft fleece liner and is guaranteed to keep you warm and in style throughout the coldest winter nights.

We will of course be posting more pictures so make sure you check back and follow us on our social networks. <3