About us and F.A.Q's

If your new to us this page may answer any questions you may have about us. If not feel free to contact us.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All of our items are hand made by us. Most of our items are made to order. When you put an order in it will take anywhere from 5 – 15 days for us to make your order depending on the amount of items. Most of our packages ship USPS priority 2-3 day shipping. You will get at tracking number emailed to you when your item ships. If you need an item ASAP you can check our Express Shipping Section for premade items that ship next day.

How long will it take to receive my Express Shipping Item?

Express Shipping items are pre made and ready to ship. Your Express Shipping Item or Item’s will ship same or next business day, depending when the order came in and will be shipped 2-3 day priority mail. If you need your items shipped overnight, please message with your zip coda for a price quote.

Sizing and Custom Measurements

Please see our sizing page for our sizing charts and all other sizing information. If you are unsure or feel more comfortable sending in custom measurements we can make the product to your specific size. There is no additional fee for custom sizing.

Can I get an item in a color not listed on your site?

Feel free to inquire about colors that are not listed, we only stock popular colors but may be able to order a specific color your looking for.

Returns and Exchanges.

If your item arrives damaged or was not correctly made we will switch it out and pay for shipping. If you accidentally sent in custom measurements that were not correct or accidentally damaged your item, we may still be able to help you or switch the item out but you will need contact us.

I have another question not listed here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. You can email us at sales@evolutiondivision.com or text us at: 586.353.8022 text only no calls please.

My international shipping cost is really high. Can I check to make sure it’s right?

Yes you can. We use USPS to ship all international packages, they are the cheapest at international shipping. Sometimes our system will charge the highest express rate when there may be another option available. You can check and see if there is a cheaper shipping method by reading and following the steps in our blog post about this issue: http://evolutiondivision.com/if-your-shipping-price-seems-high-you-can-check-it-with-these-easy-steps/

[htheme_title_slug htheme_title_title=”About Evolution Division. – Rave Clothing & CyberGoth Outfits. ” htheme_title_devider=”x” htheme_title_excerpt=”Shop for hand made, high quality rave clothing, fluffies and full cyber rave outfits.” htheme_title_layout=”side_by_side”]

Hello, and welcome to the Evolution Division online store. Let me take a second to tell you a little about us. Evolution Division is a cyber rave clothing, fashion company from Detroit Michigan started in 2010. Our style of fashion is a unique blend of CyberGoth, CyberPunk, Cyber Pop and Rave fashion. This unique blend of styles gives us unique edgy style of rave clothing for people who like to stand out the most.

[htheme_title_slug htheme_title_title=”Hand Made Cyber Rave Clothing.” htheme_title_devider=”hearts” htheme_title_excerpt=”All of our items are hand made in Detroit, the birth place of techno music.” htheme_title_layout=”side_by_side”]

The best way to understand our style is to see it yourself. below are some of our top items for this season.

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[htheme_title_slug htheme_title_title=”Express Shipping” htheme_title_devider=”circles” htheme_title_excerpt=”For those with events coming up quick.” htheme_title_layout=”side_by_side”]

Need an outfit for the weekend? Our Items are hand made an depending on the size of the order take a week or 2 to create, but if you need an outfit or a pair of fluffies quick, check out our express shipping section! All items are pre made, in stock and get shipped out the next business day.

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[htheme_title_slug htheme_title_title=”Look Books” htheme_title_devider=”hearts” htheme_title_excerpt=”Take a look at our latest look books to see our latest styles.” htheme_title_layout=”side_by_side”][htheme_lookbooks_slug htheme_lookbooks=”48346″][htheme_line_slug htheme_line_layout=”full” htheme_line_color=”#eeeeee”][htheme_title_slug htheme_title_title=”Stay in contact” htheme_title_devider=”none” htheme_title_excerpt=”Sign up to our email newsletter for new item alerts, sales and exclusive coupon codes. Or if you have a question message us directly. ” htheme_title_layout=”side_by_side”]

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