A CyberGoth Valentines Sale for all!

By Steven Razorblade | Comments: 0 | February 9, 2015

We are having a week long CyberGoth Valentines sale! We have picked out 7 of our popular cybergoth rave items to put on sale and on top of that we have a new CyberGoth Nurse photo shoot and video that we will be posting through the week! Cyber love, all week long! It’s been a long time in the work for our cybergoth nurse shoot and we finally did it! We wanted to time it right with Valentines day and we can’t wait till the full gallery is posted and you get to see all of the amazing pictures. Keep an eye out this is a photo shoot you won’t want to miss!

As for our Cyber Valentines Sale, it starts today and lasts till February 15th. We have put the following items on sale for this sale:

Cybergoth Choker Collar

cybergoth necklace

Rave Girl Fur Skirt

fur rave skirt

Sleeveless Fur Shrug

sleveless fur shrug

PVC Vinyl Tank Top

pvc tank top

Flap Skirt

Industrial flap skirt

Hooded Crop Top

cyber rave crop top

Industrial Dance Outfit

industrial dance outfit

Stay tuned we have a lot more pictures from our CyberGoth Nurse shoot to post through the week! Your Going to love them!
Cybergoth Nurse Sale

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