Web site Known Issues, Updates and Bugs Log

By Deanna | January 17, 2015

Thank you for visiting evolutiondivision.com the #1 place for your CyberGoth Fashion and Rave Clothing Fashion Addiction. We recently re designed our site from the ground up and added many new features like a wish list, Compare items and money conversion. However with this massive of an update there are some known bugs and things that need to be tweaked. Over the course of the next month we will be logging updates here and list the known bugs. If you have any issues with this new design please contact us and we will help you out.

Known Issues:

On items with high item variations sometimes the item color combo / size you have chosen will display as out of stock. – If this happens to you please contact us we are able to do any color combo you want and are not out of stock.
International Shipping is currently down – We are currently fixing our shipping module and will have this fixed soon. Until then if you run into this issue contact us and we will give you a work around.



1-20-15: Updated solid and striped Fur Hoodies with galleries and added links in the accessory menu.

1-20-15: Updated and added gallerys to the following outfits: Vampire Apocalypse Outfit, Little Cyber Girl Outfit, Everyday Cyber girl Outfit and the Rave Hard GoGo Outfit.

1-19-15: Updated and added gallerys to the following outfits: Cyber Industrial Outfit, Cyber Rave Outfit, Cyber GoGo Outfit and the Industrialist Outfit.
1-19-15: Added USPS shipping option to orders. International orders will be available soon.

1-18-15: We are currently only shipping flat rate to the USA . If you want to order from a different country please contact us. 

1-18-15: Fixed some items that were saying out of stock on certain color / size combinations.

1-18-15: Updated “tops” dropdown in navigation bar.

1-18-15: Fixed item carrousels and banners loading on wrong pages.

1-17-15: All homepage links now function properly & banners have rollover states.
1-16-15: We are now on a much faster server that before. The site should be loading lots faster.